Our next event is coming soon!

LANRaiders - Celebrating 10 years of BYOC LAN parties

LANRaiders is a BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) LAN Party that runs 2 – 3 times a year. Our next event is: Coming Soon!

Our services have been improved, our hardware upgraded. We’ve got live player status screens this LAN and much more in the works.

Wondering what our events look like, or wanting to check out previous events? Then head on over to the gallery

Check out our FAQ list to find out the answers to many common queries about attending a LANRaiders event.

The latest news from LANRaiders

Who are the LANRaiders?


Michael "Chimera" - Founder

Mike founded LANRaiders back in 2007 after a small house LAN grew into a much bigger idea. Coming from a background in hardware you can normally find him running around fixing problems for people at an event.


Andrew "FlinkBK" - Events Manager

FlinkBK brings his experience of both a technical background and running a large internet cafe which ran regular LAN Parties. FlinkBK is LANRaiders chairman. A flight simulator enthusiast & streamer, a great addition to our team.


Mike "Shinotama" - Design Manager

Shinotama brings his vast experience in design & development to the LANRaiders team. Shinotama’s main role is brand design & web development. An avid PC & VR gamer and technician, we’re glad to have him aboard.


Neil "BFGn" - Founder

With an I.T related background and experience with data centers, Neil brings his web and services experience to the LANRaiders team. Neil’s main focus for LANRaiders is website development and Floor Management at our BYOC events.


Graham "Nethesem" - PR Manager

Computer Repair specialist by day, Fandom specialist by night, and four years of managing thousand-attendee conventions under his belt – Nethesem joins us as PR manager to bring the latest LANRaiders news to your dashboard.


Christine "Chicken" - Planning & Admin

Christine makes sure everyone’s doing what they’re supposed to, grabbing essentials, planning, support during events and cleanup afterwards. We’d be nowhere without her!