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Back To The Beginning

Although we may be expanding to a new and bigger venue for J21, we have also decided to go back to where it all started and revive GTLAN.

GTLAN was our very first LAN event, comprising of about 15 gamers crammed in to the back room of a house. What we all loved about it was the free form nature of the event: no tournaments, prizes or raffles, just a group of gamers getting together to socialize, have fun and play some games.

We feel that now is the right time to bring this back, with the J-series of events being the major “planned” events containing tournaments and prizes etc.

GTLAN will now be held at the Tongham Community Centre (The old J-series venue) for up to 32 players. We will be taking a much more laid back approach to these events as outlined below

  • Turn up, set up and play any game you want – We may organize some fun games for all to play at a certain time (for example: late night unreal tournament) but there will be no tournaments / prizes.
  • Athena will still be used at GTLAN to help you discover who is playing what game
  • A selection of board and card games will be available to play in the Bar area
  • More projector gaming


Next event info coming soon!