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LANRAIDERS – Parental Questions

We understand that leaving your children to play computer games can be stressful so let us help you out by hopefully answering some of your questions below.

  • LANRaiders is open to anyone from the ages of 16+.
  • Staff wear a branded LANRaiders t-shirt along with a lanyard around their neck.
  • Everyone at our events gets included in group events, with well signposted times and information being displayed on a projector over the weekend.
  • On the Friday night we will be doing a group pizza order so best to have some money for this.
  • Local shops are a 5-minute walk in a very quiet and peaceful village.
  • Sleeping space is provided with additional “Quiet Rooms” for players to sleep.
  • We also have 3 changing rooms & private showers for our players to keep clean over the weekend, so remember to pack a towel and shower stuff.
  • We recommend a budget of £50 to last over the weekend, this includes food, drink, raffle, quiz and maybe some merch?
  • We do allow alcohol for the over 18s but if we do see abuse of this by anyone under that age, we will remove this from them.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us here.