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Our LAN Setup

Our Network

LANRaiders run a full-gigabit Ethernet network with all cabling provided to each desk. Internet is included to everyone, and we carefully manage quality of service to keep the network as free-flowing as possible to minimise lag. We also run a huge NAS drive with any custom maps, configs, or game setups, So if you’re missing something you need in order to join in, we can do our best to provide it. All you have to do is plug the cable into your computer!


Want to know what people are up to? Wonder no more! With Athena you’ll be able to see in real time what games are being played and how many people are playing them – just check the Athena screen in the main hall and you’ll know what game to start up to join in the action!

Athena also allows you to do a public shout out. Create a call to arms, get a free-play game session going, or just say Hello!

Dedicated Servers

We set up dedicated servers for our main tournament games and any other free-play sessions that we can accommodate, making it as simple as possible for everyone to play together in a lag-free and private environment. Experience multiplayer as it was meant to be!


It’s happened to all of us, we meticulously update all our steam apps the night before the LAN, and then first thing Saturday morning there’s an obnoxious patch to download, or their’s that one game you forget to install. And a dozen other people who need to download it at the same time. LANRaiders now have a dedicated LANCache box that keeps a huge number of Steam games and downloads pre-cached, turning that obnoxious patch into a ten-second file copy.

The best part is that you don’t even have to do anything. Our network automatically serves the update to your Steam Library with no additional configuration!


Internet is provided to all attendees as standard – just plug in that Ethernet cable and you’ll be online! Bringing a lot of gamers together into one place puts a huge load on any connection, and that’s why we carefully tune the quality-of-service on our routers to make sure game traffic gets through, even when someone accidentally leaves their torrent tracker running. But with that said, we do ask that attendees make our lives, and all the other attendee’s lives a little easier by trying to minimise their footprint on the connection. Check for updates the night before the LAN and pause your downloads!