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What to bring

Besides making sure that you’ve brought your valid ticket with you, we’ve made a small checklist below of things you should make sure to bring for one of our events. Please use this as a guideline if you are unsure on what to bring with you, or contact us if you have any other queries:

Although we provide a Lancache to help ease internet and steam downloads, we do ask attendees to make sure that Steam, Battlenet, Uplay and Origin are all updated before arriving!

Shown below is an example of our suggested ‘Things to have‘.

Tech Related

  • Desktop PC / Laptop
  • Monitor (We understand the larger the better, but just remember the weight) along with a spare cable for your monitor
  • Keyboard, Mouse & Mouse Mat
  • Surge protected power extension cable / strip
  • Power cables for Desktop / Laptop / Monitor
  • Headphones/set – To clearly hear the woes of your enemies.
  • Mobile Phone + Charger
  • Backup disks or System restore / re-installation media (Just in case the worst happens!!)

Event Related / Personal

  • Sleeping gear
    • Sleeping bag
    • Pillow
    • Airbed / Camping bed (Please try to bring a single airbed, unless you are sharing a double airbed with another person)
    • Earplugs – Lots of PC’s + lots of people = Noise
  • Money (We recommend around £50 for the weekend)
  • Valid ID (Will be required for bar purchases)
  • Toiletries / Spare clothes / Towel (Showering facilities are available)
  • Food for the weekend (Our kitchen has a large fridge, microwave, oven and kettles available for use but –NO– freezer)