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What to expect at our events

Wether you’ve been coming to our LAN’s for 10 years or brand new, it’s worth reading this information to find out what to expect at our new format LANs.

Join our Discord room for voice chat & group chats

We’re sponsored by Discord, and use this as our go-to communication app at our events, as well as for everyday use thanks to its clear quality voice chat & IRC-like text chat.

Come and join our growing Discord community by visiting https://discord.gg/lanraiders  – it only takes a couple of minutes to get set up!

When you’re up and running, Sign in with Steam!

This year we’re utilizing Lanager, a LAN game management system. This allows us to let every player see who’s playing what and let them be able to join in the fun. You can also view the Lanager screen on the projector to see all of this information.

Lanager also has a handy schedule and shout-out box for people to communicate across the LAN.

Friday Night Pizza

We will be taking orders for pizza and placing a large order on the Friday evening of the event


We tested the Lancache at our previous event, but we’ve now upgraded, re-built and brought back the Lancache bigger and faster than ever.  This enables us to download one copy of a steam game or patch, then rapidly deploy it across the whole network to those that require it. This provides a huge reduction in overall internet bandwidth usage!

The Big Fat Quiz of the LAN

Get your gamer brains in gear! – we will now be holding a gaming related quiz during the LAN. The exact time per event can be found on our Schedule page. Tickets will be priced at £1 per entry, and the overall winner will take home the cash pot!

BYOC LAN Hall Layout

Our newly redesigned layout maximises space whilst improving sleeping areas, projector areas for tournaments and allows us to run a Live screen for LANager