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We’re Back!

After a year away, we’re back to bring you J21!, taking place over the early May bank holiday weekend so that you can all enjoy 4 days of gaming goodness.

Please note the below list is updated manually once your order is received


1. Chimera
2. Locknah
3. Shinotama
4. Pierced hobbit
5. Timberwolf
6. Vexing
8. Corruptforce
9. Kao
10. Sieg
11. Andrew Montagne
12. Kingsknight
13. Stik
14. Red Dragon

15. Reverb Skyriff
16. FishieWishes
17. Nethesem
18. Karagain
19. Neilatron
20. Fiyahstorm
21. Bladewolf
22. Hobolizard
23. SharpRequest
24. DxG Wip3outz
25. Tickers
26. Tier Birdy
27. GreenFox
28. Washu

Spectator tickets are still available at £10 per person. This allows you to stay for the entire event, as well as game on our projector, retro consoles and board games where available.

Event Info:

Date: Friday 3rd May – Monday 6th May 2019 (4-day bank holiday weekend LAN)

Location: Tongham Community Centre. Click HERE for further location information.

Opens: 14:00 Friday 3rd May

Closes: 18:00 Monday 6th May

Price: £60 Weekend ticket. Deposit option available (2x £30 payments)

BYOC Tickets Remaining:


If you would still like to register your interest in attending J21 – Please fill out the form below to join our waiting list. We will then notify you asap should any spaces become available: