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The Future of J-Series

LANRaiders are proud to announce J21, our biggest, and best BYOC LAN party, to now be held in Alton, Hampshire (20 minutes up the road from the old venue) to be held Fri 6th – Sunday 8th April 2018!

J21 will be the first LANRaiders LAN offering 60+ BYOC gaming spots, along with a bigger focus on retro, tournaments and board games. The pricing structure will stay the same for J-series, with weekend BYOC tickets costing £40 and weekend spectator tickets costing £10

Want a cheaper ticket? – Introduce someone new!

We will be offering a £5 refund on your ticket per new gamer that you bring along to the event. For example if you know 4 gamers that sign up – that’s £20 off your ticket price. You will be able to keep going up to the full price of your ticket, so if you bring 8 new gamers, you have a free ticket!

This offer only applies to those who bring gamers / participants that have not been to one of our events before, that purchase a full J21 weekend ticket.

All you need to do is ask the new gamer to put your name as a referral in the “Order notes” section of the checkout page. Then once matched up we will provide you with a cash refund on the day of the event.

The New Venue - Alton Community Centre

Where exactly is our new venue you ask? – check it out on the map below! It will be situated right in the centre of Alton, providing you with plenty of shops and places to eat or drink:

Alton Community Centre
Amery Street
GU34 1HN

The new Venue up close

We will be occupying the Main hall for our LAN this year, with expansion room available in the members room and garden room.

Sleeping will be in rooms 2 and 3, with room 2 as a “Quiet sleeping option”

The Main Hall Layout

With room for 60+ Players, we’re aiming to fill the Main hall with players, leaving the members room and garden room free for board games, projector games and much more. With comfortable seating, big tables and lots of leg room, the new venue will easily fit us all with room to spare.

Sleeping Rooms

For J21 we have two dedicated sleeping rooms upstairs in the venue, allowing you to get away from the action for some peace and quiet. Rooms 2 and 3 of the venue have been marked out for this, although you can still sleep downstairs in one of the main halls if you wish.

The new venue has an on-site car park, but is chargeable as it is operated by the local council. Below is a breakdown of the chargeable hours and prices:

Monday – Saturday 8am – 6pm

Up to 1 hours – £1
Up to 2 hours – £1.40
Up to 3 hours – £1.90
Up to 4 hours – £3.20
Up to 5 hours – £3.50
Up to 9 hours – £5.80
All day – £7.00

After 6pm: Free of Charge

Sunday 10am – 4pm – £1

The other two main rooms in the venue (The garden room and members room) will become our casual gaming area featuring the following:

  • Retro Gaming
  • Console Gaming
  • Card / Board Games
  • Projector Gaming